amir hossein souri

Businessman in the Global Crisis re COVID19


My take as a businessman in the Global Crisis re COVID19SMEs and Large Scale BusinessesCOVID-19 was officially declared as a Pandemic by the World Health Organiztion on March 11, 2020. Being a global health crisis that affects the whole world, we cannot deny the fact that it has greatly changed the way we do business all over the world. In times of crisis, everyone is in a hurry to take action and make a decision regarding their respective...............................

Amir Hossein Souri Interview 10-04-2020


In today's #AskAmir, we asked him the questions below:1. What are the challenges that you are facing in doing business?2. What is your greatest motivation and your deepest why on doing business?3. Do you think there is a certain level or certain ........