Visiting Exhibitions is one of the effective ways to improve your business. There are key points to remember when visiting exhibitions:

1. Register Earlier; a lot of Exhibitions are free prior to the exhibition period. Registering onsite will take much of your time and would cost a lot.

2.Visit the exhibitions that is related to the product or category you are in. In this way you will be able to see the market competition, know suppliers and make a lot of network. Though this is your priority, you can also expand your business ideas by visiting exhibitions from different category.

3.You have to take note that the exhibition may have time or number of days limitation, you have to maximise and organise before coming to the exhibition. 

4. You have to prepare before coming to the exhibitions, bring the materials that you will need, business cards, catalogs etc. 

5. Document everything, take photos and business cards and make sure you note the information discussed during the short time you talked to the exhibitors.
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