Human resources are the most important asset in every company. Each member must feel the sense of belongingness and growth in terms of their career. Employees who feel that they are appreciated will do more than is expected of them. A great manager sees his/her team member as part of his own family and loves and cares for them sincerely. They will care for the company like it is their own and will protect it for being part of the family. The main foundation of any business is its people, no business and entities can stand without people working together on the same goal. A great manager will also know how to interact and communicate with their team members effectively, he/she will know the talents and capacities of his team members and thus distribute the tasks effectively. A team member who has an overload of tasks or was given tasks which is not matching his/her capabilities which he/she is not able to complete and fulfill will end up thinking he/she is not good enough and will result in ineffectiveness and self-doubt.