Jebel Al Shams – Highest Peak in Oman and nearby Villages

After the Hootah Village, September 27, we have travelled to Jebel Al Shams which is highest peak in Oman which is accessible by car.

The 11 kilometers before the peak is an off-road travel. On top of Jebel Al Shams, you will see 2 resort where you can stay there or do the camping near the area. The mountain is so high and looking down the base of the mountain is not for someone who has fear of heights. Also, on top of the mountain, there are wild goats moving freely and donkey as well. It is nice to watch the sunset as well and the weather and the wind is so relaxing. We have planned to camp on top of the mountain but at the midnight it was too cold and we have to stay inside the car. In the early morning, we have waited for the sunrise in Jebel Al Shams since it was known to have a very beautiful sunrise. We were mesmerized by the sunrise, and have watched it and have enjoyed the view as well.