Cultural Immersion and Market Research in Pakistan 2020

The trip to Pakistan started on the 29 of February, 2020. Me and my colleague went to the airport at around 4am for our 7am flight. We used Emirates Airlines from Dubai Airport Terminal 3 going to Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. We go to the hotel using the Metro Taxi located in the Airport. After we fixed our things, we went to the city to see the market and their system. We saw different kind of transportation which the most common is called Rikshaw. We saw different suppliers and retailers and wholesalers of different products. The market is very much active, busy, and crowded. We never had any issues communicating with the locals since around 80-90% are able to understand and speak English. Most of the Pakistan national are helpful and accommodating. 

During this trip, we have decided to meet in person the friends we have from the social media, both of whom shared the cultures and traditions in Pakistan, the way of living and suggested different areas to visit. Both of them are very accommodating and hospitable. 

When we came back to the different market areas, we saw one whole street that is dedicated in selling preloved books at a very cheap price. We were also able to see how the street food in Pakistan are, the suppliers of rice and other grains, suppliers of herbs and spices, manufacturers of furniture, carpets wholesalers and manufacturers, and also the electronics and automation suppliers. 

During this 6days trip, we were able to somehow understand a little the culture in Karachi, Pakistan. We can say that the people are nice, accommodating and helpful. For everyone we met during this trip, none of them failed to ask if we need a ride, if we have eaten, if we need some help going around the area and have offered food and drinks and even invited to tour us around. 

We can say the experience in Karachi is a different one, it may not be a developed country or an advanced city yet but the experience we got there is far different from the news somehow shown by the media. People in Karachi are accommodating and helpful. We would like to see the other cities like Lahore and Islamabad on our next tour which as per the locals description are rich in nature and with beautiful scenery. Some of the photos are attached on this post, and we will be releasing one video soon.