Rineh Village Visit


We have visited Rineh village on August 30 which is near the Polour City which is 150km away from Tehran. Rineh village is located in the foot of Damavand mountain, which is the highest mountain in Iran with the height of 5,610 m. The weather is very cold ranging from -2Degree Celsius during winter and up to 38 Degree Celsius during summer.  Most of the income of the people is coming from tourism and fruit crops. Other members of the village are touring the mountaineers and is assisting them for overnight camping. The other source of income specially managed by the ladies include handicraft items such as bags, spoon, glass and many others. You will also find the Rihen Ab Garam (spring water). From Polour to Rineh village, there is a good transportation system and you can hire a driver to bring you to Rineh village which will take around 30 minutes. Also, for accommodation, you can find one hotel inside the Rineh village or along the road of the village, you will find some walls where they are posting the contact information for transient customers.

The following day, August 31, we moved from Rineh back to Polour and from Polour there is a narrow road to go to the Firozkoh where we saw some small villages where the middle age women sell their products such as traditional bread and traditional sweets along the road. And from Firozkoh road, we returned to Tehran City.