Vafrejin Village Visit


On April 2019 I decided to visit different villages to talk to the people and to get to know them more and find a way to solve their problem.The first village I have visited is Vafrejin Village which is west part of Hamadan province in Iran.

Esfarjan Village Visit


Esfarjan Village VisitOn May 24, 2019 I have visited the village of Esfarjan near Shahreza City in Isfahan. village has a population of 1904 people and the weather is cold due to its mountainous area. The houses are normally built using the local construction than local materials.

Kandovan Village Visit


Kandovan is an ancient village in Sahand Rural District in the Central District of Osku County, East Azerbaijan Province, northwestern Iran. It is situated in the foothills of Mount Sahand, near the city of Osku...

Vanak Village Visit


To reach to Vanak, it will take 1 ½ hours to 2 hours from the city of Esfahan. The village people of Vanak has access to communication including internet services...

Business and Travel


Business and travelling has direct correlation to each other. The more a businessman travels the more opportunities he will be able to see and explore. In travelling, a businessman ......

Smallest village near the Aligudar City


In August 23 I travelled to Aligudar City which is located in Lorestan province in Iran and I have drive 40km away from the City of Aligudar through Dorak village and I found several small villages in the middle of the mountain  such as Mesgari village...

Rineh Village Visit


We have visited Rineh village on August 30 which is near the Polour City which is 150km away from Tehran. Rineh village is located in the foot of Damavand mountain, which is the highest mountain in Iran with the height of 5,610 m.

Ansarood Village Visit


On September 9 we travelled to Tabriz which located in the Northwest of Iran. From Tabriz, we have travelled to Ansarood which took 1 hour away from Tabriz.This village is located in the lower part of Sahand mountain. There are big farm and animals which is the main income of the residents...

Jebel Al Shams – Highest Peak in Oman and nearby Villages


Jebel Al Shams – Highest Peak in Oman and nearby Villages
After the Hootah Village, September 27, we have travelled to Jebel Al Shams which is highest peak in Oman which is accessible by car...

Palangan Village Visit


Palangan Village VisitOctober 19, 2019 we had a trip in the west part of the Iran and we have travelled to Kermanshah, after the Kermansha, we go to Kamyaran City and from Kamyaran City, we used to follow one small road between the Kayaran and Maryvan. On the middle of the way, there is one nice village which is called Palangan...